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Welcome to Scholar

SCHOLAR is a comprehensive cloud enabled academic management solution

for schools, colleges and universities. It facilitates the integration of activities of every area of the institution. It also serves as an interactive platform for management, students, staff, alumni and guests.

Scholar gives institutions complete control on different processes and procedures involved…


Our administration solution helps to manage and track the departmental information and general institution functions such as setting up of courses, departments, timetable, document management system etc …

Engagement Model

We have flexible engagement model that adapts to the implementation and pricing needs of the institution...

Scholar Service Suites

  • EScholar V4
  • School Scholar
  • UniScholar
  • SS2
  • ScholarAdmin
  • ScholarH
  • LibMScholar
EScholar V4
Get ready for the new version of EScholarV4 released on 14th April 2013.
School Scholar S2
School Scholar that enables academic management at schools was launched on 18th Apr 2013.

"A value, universal or situational, is a value for me only when I see the value of the value as valuable to me."
— Swami Dayananda Saraswati
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